Debt consolidation

If your financial problems is from too much outstanding credit or an inability to repay your bills, a debt consolidation specialists can create a debt repayment plan for you. An effective debt consolidation plan will ensure that you to make regular repayments, and can sometimes take several years to complete.

You should choose debt consolidation experts that have established relationships with thousands of creditors over the years. Most creditors will accept lower monthly payments if they are approached with a debt consolidation plan.

In most cases, a debt consolidation plan can eliminate a lot of the stress experienced with handling your creditors. Your creditors will agree to lower or eliminate interest and finance charges or even waive late fees.

With an effective debt consolidation plan, your monthly statements from your creditors are reviewed before a plan is created to make sure that you get concessions and waivers.

Choose a Reliable and Effective Debt Consolidation Service to Stay Debt-Free

Debt consolidation plans will not erase negative items from your credit report. You’ll need a credit repair service for that. Debt information could remain on your credit file for up to 7 years and your creditors will continue to update information about your repayments to the credit bureaus.

For instance, some creditors may offer or reinstate credit for people who successfully complete a debt consolidation plan.

How Debt Consolidation Works


Debt consolidation is sometimes abused by financial institutions who offer a high-interest rate 2nd mortgage or to mortgage refinance. Remember, going further into debt does not get you out of debt.

Using a debt consolidation service enables you to resolve the main problem, which is debt. With these services, you don’t have to declare bankruptcy or commit yourself to any long-term loans just to settle your present debt situation.


You agree to:

• Pay off your debts on time

• Stop accepting or using credit


Your creditors agree to:

• Stop all forms of collection activities

• Lower your monthly repayment amount into one consolidated sum that is affordable

• Reduce or eliminate your high-interest rate

• STOP any late fees or charges


The aim of debt consolidation is to convert your monthly payments into one convenient lower monthly payment that you can afford. This single payment satisfies all of your unsecured debt obligation and other living expenses.

Payments are usually reduced by as much as 35% and late or over limit fees are very often eliminated by making regular monthly payments on time. Your delinquent accounts will become re-aged to current status again enabling your credit rating to be saved.

You could spend all of your “free time” trying to research hundreds of mortgage lenders and loan programs to find the best loan rates for your debts. But why would you want to do that when you can choose debt consolidation specialists that can help you reduce your debt.

If your goal is to lower interest rates and reduce your monthly repayments, consolidate your debt, avoid bankruptcy, and make a single payment monthly, or maybe you just want to get out of debt the quickest way possible, a debt consolidation service can help you achieve all these while saving you thousands of dollars at the same time.